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“It was the year 1959 when grandpa Ruggero from the countryside of Montalcino decided to move to the historic centre and take up the profession of baker, a shop in Via Delle Monache was freed, so… our story begins”

Year after year the work grew along with the ambitions, until the twenty-year-old dad Enzo, who joined the company, decided to move to Grosseto with his whole family to have better job opportunities and prospects.

For the historic centre of Grosseto, the year 1968 was a period of recovery after the flood that brought the city to its knees in 1966. The favourite bakery was located in Via San Martino, right where the flood had caused the most damage, but the bet rewarded us because we succeeded in carrying on our company both with baked goods and with pastry. From that moment on joys and sorrows together with victories and defeats have accompanied us along this path, Enzo is no longer with us but he bequeathed his passion and traditions to us, two fundamental values that we continue to follow trying to be up to date.

RetròGusto is a young company with firm roots in the traditions of our land, all our handmade products are realised following the ancient recipes handed down over time, family is our strength, make our customers happy our dream.

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